Uncommon Ground: Men and Women Get Candid About How They Experience Working in the Same Industry

Explore one man and one woman’s experiences in the same field with host and comedian Alli Breen. Current events, personal experiences and overall societal views get discussed, challenged and debated for a playful, eye-opening look at gender differences. The discussion itself will illuminate commonalities and differences because no matter what field you are in, we all start out on uncommon ground.
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Uncommon Ground: Men and Women Get Candid About How They Experience Working in the Same Industry

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May 31, 2016

In a business where trust and strong relationships are imperative, you’d expect to see more women in financial planning. Women make up half the U.S. population, nearly two-thirds of the American workforce, and still remain underrepresented as advisors in the financial industry. With women owning more than half of all US private wealth, and coming into even more inheritance, why are we not seeing more women on the advisor and client side of finance? We talk to two financial advisors, one from each gender, and see how their experiences in the industry have played out.

May 17, 2016

There are many formats, devices and technologies people can acquire news from these days, and radio broadcasting continues to be a main one. Therefore, what is the responsibility to have an equal number of men and women broadcasters? Are our ideas, viewpoints and experiences being shaped differently because of a gender imbalance in in broadcasting? Listen in as I talk to two Sirius XM broadcasters about this issue.

May 3, 2016

Women aren’t funny, right? It’s been said time and time again. I talk to two NY comedy bookers, John Trueson and Amy Hawthorne, about men and women in comedy. Are they equally funny? Does one gender draw more than the other? Are their approaches to getting booked the same? We had an interesting and enthusiastic debate.